Pocahontas County elects three commissioners, each to 6 year terms.

Bill Beard, President of the Commission, was initially appointed to the commission after the untimely death of commissioner Dolan Irvine. In the 2014 election, Mr. Beard was elected from the Southern District. Beard, a Democrat, is a farmer living near Hillsboro.

Bill Beard - 6426 Seneca Trail, Hillsboro, WV  24946 304-653-4278

Jamie Walker was elected from the Central District in 2010. Walker, a Republican, lives in the country near Marlinton. Walker drives a school bus and raises bear dogs with his father. Their websites are here and here.

Jamie Walker - 775 Red Lick Road, Marlinton, WV  24954 304-799-0864 (Mr. Walker does not use email)

David McLaughlin was elected to the commission for the Northen District in 2014, replacing David Fleming. McLaughlin, a Democrat, has experience delivering a postal route, and is a life-long farmer living near Dunmore.

David McLaughlin - 14149 Brown’s Creek Road, Marlinton, WV  24954 304-456-4053


Eight Rivers Council asked our mailing list to suggest questions for county commission candidates in the 2016 primary, which have been pared down to eight.

UPDATE: John Leyzorke placed an advertisement in The Pocahontas Times newspaper in June 2016 announcing that he was exploring the possibility of running as an Independent for a seat on the County Commission in the fall election. In his advertisement, Mr. Leyzorek posed some of his ideas and invited feedback from the public. Eight Rivers Council then has invited Mr. Leyzorek to respond to the same questionnaire that primary candidates had been invited last spring to respond. Here is the PDF file of Mr. Leyzorek's response July 7.

Following is Eight Rivers Council Report:

In order to assist Eight Rivers Council friends in deciding how to vote for County Commissioner in the upcoming 2016 primary, May 10, Eight Rivers mailed a questionnaire on April 15 to all 4 candidates an identical list of 8 questions. We requested a response by noon April 27 by postal mail or email. Three candidates responded. Click on the questions, below, to see candidate responses. The text of the responses has been edited for formatting only. Candidates are listed in the same order as the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Web site. Click each link below.

  1. Question #1: What kind of development do you see as appropriate/inappropriate for this county?  Please give specific examples. How would you directly involve yourself in development projects?

    Question #2: What special qualities does Pocahontas County have that could be utilized toward building a brighter future?

    Question #3: What infrastructure and county services need to be strengthened in Pocahontas, and how would you go about it? (Internet is one example, but you may include other infrastructure and services as well.)

    Question #4: The proposed Birthplace of Rivers National Monument has been controversial in Pocahontas. Please state some of the major arguments for and against that proposal.

    Question #5: What do you consider as appropriate and inappropriate applications of Eminent Domain? Please explain how you view the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline and how it might positively or negatively affect Pocahontas?

    Question #6: The previous two questions are just a couple examples of the many controversial issues that face our county. How would you help our county come together to resolve difficult issues?
    Question #7: A County Commissioner receives $39,500 salary plus generous health and retirement benefits. Commission meetings and appointed board meetings take about 250 hours per year. How will you use your non-meeting time to benefit Pocahontas?

    Question #8: This is open-ended. Please feel free to bring up other issues, or make statements pertaining to your candidacy, your background and experience, your interests, and your goals.

    NOTE: Curious about 2 years ago? This link here is for the county commission candidate questions and responses during the 2014 Primary

  1. NOTE: Curious about 2 years ago? This link here is for the county commission candidate questions and responses during the 2014 Primary


Bill Beard

Bill Beard, President

Jamie Walker

Jamie Walker

David McLaughlin

David McLaughlin

(note: Photos from Pocahontas Times)


Pocahontas Courthouse

Pocahontas County Courthouse