Sound Infrastructure Important for Future of Pocahontas County

Rural Infrastructure Strong infrastructue might include the following: Good jobs to raise a family and acquire a house; good roads and transportation; reliable modern electric, telephone, and broadband service; health and emergency service; fire and police protection; local availabilty of products and services to purchase; quality schools, libraries, recreaton facilities; vibrant community and civic organizations, arts and music, and places of worship; skillful, motivated governance. A livable community is a product of dedicated citizen involvement.

White House Council of Economic Advisors on Rural Economies

What Do Young People Need To Stay In Rural America?
School consolidations, abandoned grocery stores and perhaps one lone fuel station serve as a reminder of a once-thriving small town. Author suggests improving broadband, shopping locally, and encouraging young people with tangible opportunities.

Young People Chase Jobs in Big Cities, according to Wall Street Journal

Rural Decline article in USA Today

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From Financial Times. Losing people in their 20s and 30s, the prime childbearing years, meant many rural regions were seeing their birth rates decline significantly. Those people who did move to rural areas tended to be older adults past their childbearing years.





Strong Broadband "Internet" Critical for Pocahontas Future

Strong Broadband is linked to Population Increase and Healthy Economic Growth (and the converse holds true)

Broadband Comparison of Rural and Urban areas in U.S.

FCC Boosts Rural Broadband Speed Requirements to 10 Mbps [announced December 2014]

Broadband providers that want to get funding through the Connect America program to help bring services to more rural users must now agree to provide download speeds of at least 10 Mbps.
NOTE: Frontier Communications is the sole Internet provider for many Internet users in Pocahontas County, many of whom cannot get even 0.5 mb download, or 5% of the new FCC minimum requirements.

The Center for Rural Strategies, based in eastern Kentucky, says that "Broadband is not a luxury; it's a necessity. Affordable broadband is a building block for healthy communities. But less than half of rural adults have access to broadband at home, while two-thirds of metropolitan adults do....regions that lack broadband will be crippled."See page.

Also see: Effects of Expanding Broadband to Rural Areas

The Federal Communications Commission has provisionally chosen nearly 40 entities to receive funding in the commission’s rural broadband experiment initiative. Also see summary here. site

Searchable Broadband Map compares your area and with other places.

Satellite Internet for rural places. A review of providers.