Question #7: A County Commissioner receives $39,500 salary plus generous health and retirement benefits. Commission meetings and appointed board meetings take about 250 hours per year. How will you use your non-meeting time to benefit Pocahontas?

Gandee, Debra Jo Galford

A county commissioner must attend to many other things that are not handled in a
sanctioned meeting.  Meeting with company representatives, individual business owners, and elected officials to obtain the information needed to make good decisions for the county is also a necessary part of being an effective leader.  I would take the time to insure that meeting with our citizens would allow me to make decisions that reflects the majority opinion and what is the best for our county as a whole.  Research and development of new ideas is also a necessary part of managing not only a business but also of proper government. 

Groseclose, Jesse A.

  1. A county commissioner represents citizens not only at the commissioner’s office but also on many boards such as: The Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Farmland Protection, Hospital, Senior Citizen, etc. I will treat the county commission as my number one job. I intend to represent the best interests of our citizens by making informed decisions. In order to do this, a great deal of time will be spent researching the facts on both sides of an issue. Much time will also be spent creating healthy relationships between our local citizens and state stakeholders to nurture connections that would benefit our county.

Jamie Walker

Mr. Walker did not respond to Eight Rivers Council by the deadline.

Wilfong, Ben

I truly care about the direction our county is headed and can provide the proactive leadership we need! Having such a community focused representative on the Pocahontas County Commission can only benefit our community. The residents of Pocahontas County need an advocate who understands, not only the critical issues our county faces, but one who listens to and understands the voices of our community. I've heard it said that one doesn't necessarily need to be involved in community events to be elected. While this may be true, don't we deserve more? Doesn't our community deserve to see our elected officials in public and at public events; events that support our youth, our seniors, and our county? Doesn't our residents deserve the opportunity to approach and ask questions, talk about concerns, or just shake hands with their elected officials? Doesn't Pocahontas County deserve an advocate who will ask our state representatives the hard questions? I believe we do.  During my non meeting time, I will be supporting the community, as I always have, after all how can you represent your community if you don’t support your community.  I will continue to serve the Chamber of Commerce, the Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau Board, I will continue to volunteer my time for the countless organizations in Pocahontas County which provide substantial structure and opportunity for all of us.  I will support our local youth and our senior citizens. I will advocate for Pocahontas County and the citizens at the state level. The job of County Commissioner is not a two meeting a month job, the job of County Commissioner is a full time commitment to serve the citizens of Pocahontas County.   If you properly serve the citizens as their voice and leadership to reach out and ensure we can bring every opportunity we can to Pocahontas County, the salary you receive and breakdown of hours, you honestly shouldn’t even be making minimum wage if you truly care about the betterment of Pocahontas County and take the position as a serious commitment to the people of Pocahontas County.