Question #6: The previous two questions are just a couple examples of the many controversial issues that face our county. How would you help our county come together to resolve difficult issues? 

Gandee, Debra Jo Galford

Informational meetings held in various venues in our county would help our citizens understand the issues.  Guest speakers from other areas of our nation that have been affected by a National Monument designation or by a gas pipeline could provide the details that we are not getting from the companies and groups who are directly involved in these decisions.  I believe having more information and other viewpoints would help us work together for the betterment of our county.

Groseclose, Jesse A.

  1. I would help our county come together by first educating myself on both sides of issues and working to pass that knowledge on to the public. The only good decision is an informed decision. It is impossible to always agree on an outcome. I believe listening to each other and presenting our facts with mutual respect is imperative in order to resolve difficult issues to the best of our abilities.

Jamie Walker

Mr. Walker did not respond to Eight Rivers Council by the deadline.

Wilfong, Ben

Communication, transparency, and more communication are all things I think we currently lack.  I understand the concerns Pocahontas County has with the proposed Birthplace of Rivers National Monument. I also understand the concerns Pocahontas County has with the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

I want to represent and promote a constructive relationship so both sides can come together and discuss what is best for our county.  Both sides of the argument will undoubtedly highlight facts and numbers to prove their respective positions, which is democracy at work.  I am not convinced the County Commission has a lot of authority to stop eminent domain for the pipeline; however, the Pocahontas County Commission must be a voice for us all.  In order to fully understand each side we must unify and work together as a community first and foremost.  As a commissioner it is increasingly important to be able to remain open minded and understanding of everyone and their respective views and opinions, after all you represent the voice of ALL people.  I believe in the power of people coming together and working together to make progressive change and initiate the respective collaborative efforts that bind our community together.  The County Commission needs to lead our community, to promote individual responsibility and equal opportunity, to protect life and property, to provide efficient, innovative, and quality public services; to provide services required by Federal and State mandates; to stimulate economic growth and regional cooperation, and to balance the preservation and utilization of all of our resources.  The County Commission is YOUR voice of representation.