Question #3: What infrastructure and county services need to be strengthened in Pocahontas, and how would you go about it? (Internet is one example, but you may include other infrastructure and services as well.)

Gandee, Debra Jo Galford

Anyone in our county that uses the internet is aware of the slow speeds with which
we deal.  If we truly want to attract good employment opportunities then we have to
work diligently to locate a modern internet service provider.  We need to support and
strengthen our hospital and our libraries.  We need more housing that is affordable
and we need jobs that provide a decent and living wage.  I will invest my time and
energies towards these ideas and goals.

Groseclose, Jesse A.

  1. Reliable high-speed internet and cell phone coverage are essential for today’s market. I would promote healthy competition between providers for both of these services. I would support legislation concerning these and other beneficial items.  We also need to devise a solid plan for the use of existing infrastructure such as the Edray Industrial Park that would benefit our county.


Jamie Walker

Mr. Walker did not respond to Eight Rivers Council by the deadline.

Wilfong, Ben

I want Pocahontas County to have strong, accessible, and effective representation in local and state government as this will better position us to aggressively address the critical issues that plague our county. I want to help build an environmentally sustainable and economically vibrant community where everyone can afford to live, work, and play.  Every citizen of our county should be able to raise a family, support their family, and enjoy the wonderful natural resources our county has to offer without fear for the future of Pocahontas County.  We are, after all, a community with a vested interest in future of Pocahontas County.  

The citizens of Pocahontas County have the right to economic growth (a strong economy creates jobs), to raise a healthy family, and lead a productive, fulfilling life. I envision an innovative, accountable county government that delivers on its public commitments smartly and transparently, while harnessing the power of technology.  Technology is crucial to the sustainability and growth of our community.  Lack of reliable high speed internet services has a direct impact on our schools and the services offered to students, businesses suffer and our opportunities for economic expansion are halted.  As a result, every citizen of Pocahontas County suffers.  

High speed Internet access has become fundamental to modern life, whether we are on the job, at home or at school.  High speed broadband connectivity can overcome geographical isolation and put a world of information and economic opportunities at the fingertips of citizens in the most remote communities, right here in Pocahontas County.  Our County currently suffers from some of the worst high speed internet services in the country!  Approximately 75 percent of residents in Pocahontas County lack access to reliable high speed internet services.  Our schools suffer, our families suffer, our businesses suffer, and our opportunities for economic expansion are halted.  I have attended the Broadband summits held in our county at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, and spoke on behalf of citizens and business alike about the impacts we experience economically here in Pocahontas County.  I have worked with and remain in contact with WV Legislators to help bring progress in these areas to Pocahontas County through collaborative efforts with all of our providers in coming together for a common goal of providing a reliable sufficient service that benefits all families, and our community, while embracing business requirements and enhancing the quality of or educational opportunities.

My demonstrated proactive leadership skills and qualifications are immense and provide a concrete foundation for progress, something our county desperately needs.  I want to be a working Commissioner and develop close relationships with my community and between all local government agencies; the end result being a community-oriented approach that will keep you and your family’s values and voice at the forefront of every issue impacting Pocahontas County.