Why does Eight Rivers Council oppose the proposed ACP pipeline? What are the pros and cons?

The answer to this question ultimately involves the values one holds dearest.

Eight Rivers Council prioritizes values. Clean water is so central that significant risk of pollution or degradation is intolerable.  Ecosystem integrity is of higher priority than short-term profits and lower energy bills, because this one earth we live upon must be sustained…and this begins within our own backyard (Pocahontas County).

Jobs are important, that is, good jobs that sustain permanent residents and offer a long-range future, rather than short-term boom to bust construction jobs that are invariably not to local residents. Tax revenue is important, but only when a long-range view is held and built upon the strongest assets of Pocahontas County that values its almost unique ecosystem and beauty.  Responsible government officials recognize that their most important asset are talented, community-minded citizens. Many of these citizens live in Pocahontas County because of its beauty, scenery, and neighborliness. Such citizens add to tax revenue and volunteer untold valuable energy.

An excellent article on the issue of eminent domain was sent by Virginia citizen Kirk Bowers. (August 2016)

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