Eight Rivers Council is volunteer-run, so people are needed to help.

Action can include letter writing to policymakers, posting on Facebook and other social media, writing Letters to the Editor, attending public meetings and speaking out, posting signage along your property, and speaking knowledgeably to family, friends, and neighbors. Raising funds, assisting with websites and correspondence, keeping abreast of the intricacies of this issue, drawing more people to get involved, creativity with art, photo, and music gifts…the list of possible action is endless.

Eight Rivers Council will inform supporters with “Action Alerts” where we need concentrated effort. This might mean attending a public meeting, volunteering with a committee, writing letters. Eight Rivers Council will use email to get the word out and follow up with a posting on our Facebook and website.

Pocahontas County citizens and friends have written numerous letters to FERC, public officials, letters to newspapers, participated in meetings, and discussed the negative impact of the ACP pipeline to their friends and neighbors. Keep this up!

Greenbrier River Watershed Association and ABRA and Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition typically are abreast on current issues needing action. We recommend them.

Ou neighbors to the south, such as Monroe County, WV, are fighting against another proposed pipeline, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC. Their opposition is so fierce that the pipeline company has launched a lawsuit to try to force landowners to allow surveys. These landowners are countersuing.

The ACP is already decreasing property values.
Green Bank businessman says ACP will boost economy
Frost resident and Recorder reporter Geoff Hamill is moving away, citing ACP.

Linwood Man Camp photos March 2018

CSI Training November 7, 2018 at Linwood Library 7-9 pm

  Dogged Action