Many Pocahontas County citizens spoke knowledgeably and passionately to ask the WVDEP to turn down ACP’s application for a 401 water permit. Perhaps 120 to 150 people attended the meeting held at the Pocahontas County High School auditorium on August 1.  The WVDEP moderator requested that those giving talks limit their time to 3 minutes although they allowed some to go on a minute or two longer. Well over two dozen people talked, perhaps 80% opposed. Most of those in the minority (largely out of county) who spoke in favor worked in the industry or otherwise had financial interests in the pipeline. 
Earlier in the day, WVDEP officials were escorted on a tour of especially vulnerable landscapes in Randolph and Pocahontas counties. Tom Epling, Tracy McClain, Gil Willis, Autumn Crowe, Angie Rosser were “tour guides.” These mid-level WVDEP officials seemed touched by the steep slopes, pristine water, springs, and karst topography.


Gil, Deni, Allen at WVDEP Hearing

Gil Willis, Deni Elliott, and Allen Johnson speaking at the WVDEP hearing on the 401 water permit application.

For more pictures of some of the speakers— most but not all in opposition to the 401 permit application— go to this Link.