What Opponents are Saying...and NOT saying about BOR


Protected public lands are overwhelmingly supported by the American public. And why not? After all, anyone can have access. Private lands often have "no trespassing" signs. And the prettiest scenery so often is in such private hands.

Federally-designated Wilderness, National Park, and National Monument each have different designations, purposes, and regulations. For general public use, a national monument such as Birthplace of Rivers would likely have minimal if any changes from current use.

Nonetheless, a vocal pocket of opposition has arisen in Pocahontas County and elsewhere to the Birthplace of Rivers National Monument. They have persuaded the Pocahontas County Commission to change its position from endorsement to strident opposition. Supporters of the monument, or even those who are interesting in furthering a civil discussion of pros and cons have been dismissed, often harshly. There is an unwillingness by the opposition to "come to the table" to talk in an objective manner. And some of the opposition leadership continues to make erroneous and unsubstantiated clams on what they allege will be restrictions.

Some of the unfounded, untrue allegations are: No hunting or ramp digging or maybe even fishing allowed; scenic highway would be a toll road with restricted numbers of users; no bait allowed for fishing; monument would be turned into a state park or national park to be managed by private corporations; no logging whatsoever, even for invasive species and improved management; all hunting groups oppose the monument, and so do all Trout Unlimited members except the head, Phil Smith.

More reasonable opposition relates to management plans, privately-owned mineral rights issues, and rationale based on things are fine, why change?

Eight Rivers Council as well as the Birthplace of Rivers leadership are eager to engage in deliberative, civil, discussion with anyone.




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