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Eight Rivers Council is a group of County residents who are working to get good, solid information for Pocahontas County citizens about what deep-well natural gas means to our economy, our water and our way of life.  We’re using our resources to get answers to questions about gas leases and deep drilling, and to cut through the hype and the rumors. Deep drilling for gas is very important to our future.  We all need to know the facts.

At this time Eight Rivers Council has not sought 501-c-3 status, although it is being discussed. Pros would include better accessibility to applying for grants and tax deductible donations. Cons would include limited ability to advocate for specific public policy.

Eight Rivers Council operates on very modest funds from contributions. Outlay in the past has involved support for coalitions and newspaper advertising. Some thought has been given to establishing an annual scholarship for a promising high school graduate involved with environmental advocacy.

Goverance at this point has been established by acclaim. Co-founders were Cyla Allison, President, and Beth Little, Treasurer. Allen Johnson has succeeded Cyla who backed off some due to health challenges. Nathaniel Dane Sizemore first set up the website and Facebook page, which is currently operated by Allen Johnson. Furthern goverance, perhaps a Steering Committee or a Board (if 501-c-3 is applied) are issues before us. No one on governance has received any compensation for time or expenses. Eight Rivers Council database is 167 as of this writing. Note that over 700 signed our petition several years ago requesting the County Commission institute a moratorium on fracking.

Joining Eight Rivers Council is by agreeing with the overarching mission. Invitation to meetings, receiving emails and calls to action,and bringing initiatives from "members" is what joining means.

For more information, or to join, email Allen Johnson or Beth Little.



Join with us.