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Questionnaire for County Commission Candidates 2016 General Election

Pocahontas County Commission Candidates' Views for 2014 Primary

President Obama continues "All of the Above" strategy that includes fossil fuel reliance

Dominion announces alternative ACP route through Pocahontas County (see Map)

Lucid Media has excellent documentary footage and films on the MVP pipeline opposition

Is northern Pocahontas County and surrounding areas at risk of massive gas leakage like in California?

Highland Recorder (VA) Editorial says FERC is frustrated by pipeline opposition

Gas Pipeline Explosion near Sissonsville, WV (VIDEO)

US Forest Service Letter to FERC emphatically stating does not concur with the permitting
timetable. Dec. 2016

FERC is Funded by and Beholden to Industry"

Pictures of ACP equipment at laydown yard in Green Bank (Aug-2017)

Man Camp construction at Linwood

Tree Felling at Seneca St. Forest

Tree Felling at Valley Fork RdCitizens voice opposition to ACP Water Permit application to WVDEP at hearing at PCHS on Aug-1,2017

Birthplace of Rivers National Monument (VIDEO)

WV Citizens Strongly Oppose Pipeline. (VIDEO)

FERC approves ACP (10-13-17)

Economic Study shows ACP would cause major economic loss in four Virginia counties.