What will be our Pocahontas County Future?

Our future will depend upon upon people of good will, knowledge, and willingness to step up and work for a promising future. Or, a lack of such people, with a different outcome.

Eight Rivers Council would see several avenues among others to work on.

1. Build upon the strength of our county’s scenic landscapes and wondrous nature.

2. Promote, protect, and enhance these county assets (see point 1)

3. Strengthen community organizations at all levels including schools, health care and emergency services, police and fire protection, religous institutions, service organizations, libraries, culture and art, recreation, heritage, youth and senior programs, job preparation, and community events.

4. Resisting short-term “boom and bust” intrusions, pollution of any form, and exploitation.

5. Working for knowledgeable, service-oriented, envisioned leadership.

6. Advocating for critical 21st century technology, including parity broadband.

7. Educating and equipping youth and adults in knowledge of our local ecology and culture.